Hebron Investment


City and Religions

Hebron, with a 7-thousand year old civilization, is home for the three monotheistic religions (Islam, Christianity and Judaism) with shrines of several prophets and Muhammad companions, as well as many historic mosques, hospices and archaeological and historical landmarks.

First: Shrines
• Prophet Abraham Holy Mosque houses the prophet shrines of  Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Sarah (wife of Abraham), Rebecca (wife of Isaac) and Leah, peace be upon them all. 

• Shrine of Noah is, according to historians, located in Dura.

• Shrine of Prophet Jonah, which is, according to historians, located in Halhoul.
• Shrine of Prophet Lot, which is, according to historians, located in  Bani Neim.
• Shrines of Mohammed's companions Abu Obeida, Tamim Dari, Abdullah bin Masood and Fatima Bint Al Hassan.


Second: Ancient Mosques
• Beit Jibreen Old Mosque
• Othman bin Affan Mosque in the heart of the old town
• Omari Mosque in Dura
• Omari Mosque in Thahiriya
• Zakaria Mosque in the occupied village of Zakaria
• Al-Zawiya Mosque in Halhoul
• Omari Mosque in Samou'
• Great Mosque of Dawayima, in Dawayima town west of Hebron
• Sheikh Ali Bakka' Mosque
• Al-Barakah Mosque
• Qazzazin Mosque
• Aqtab Mosque
• Sheikh Munjed Mosque in Tel Safi
• Al-Ais Mosque in Sa'er
• Sheikh Mansour Mosque in Maghlas
• Sheikh Mathkour Mosque in Ajour
• Great Mosque of Beit Natif
• Kharas Grand Mosque
• Great Mosque of Beit Natif

Third: Hospices and Sanctums
• Makki Sanctum
• Mansouri Sanctum
• Towashi Sanctum
• Jmaeili Sanctum
• Sheikh Ali Mojarrad Hospice
• Sheikh Abdul Rahman Alarzumi Hospice
• Alja'abra Hospice
• Almaghariba Hospice
• Aladhamiya Hospice
• Alqaimariya Hospice
• Abu Reesh Hospice
• Shadli Hospice
• Albobariya Hospice

Fourth: Archaeological and Historical Landmarks
• The old town of Hebron
• The Tower Castle in the old town
• Abraham's Oak Holy Trinity Monastery
• Ramah Sanctuary
• The Public Museum
• Historical schools, such as Qaimariya School, Sultan Hasan School,  Beit Jibreen School and Al-Fakhriya School.
• Ibrahimiya Hospice
• Al-Deir Remains
• Birkat Al-Sultan
• Al-Carmel Remains
• The Great Church of Innab
• The Garrison of Forty
• The Archaeological Caves
• Al-Khoukha Mosque
• Qaysaria
• Yaqeen Shrine
• Samou' historic caves and cemeteries 

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