Hebron Investment


The Industrial Sector

The city of Hebron has always been a hub of handicrafts. Some families and markets were named after some handmade industries, such as Qazzazin (glass-makers) Neighborhood, Iskafiya (cobblers) Market and Alhaddadin (blacksmiths) Market, etc.  The most prominent traditional industries are pottery, porcelain, leather tanning, soap, antiques, fur and embroidery industries, as well as food industries (raisins, molasses and malban). These  industries have succeeded in keeping pace with technology, and now manufacturers of Hebron pride themselves in being the heart of economic development in Palestine, with 3,200 facilities that employ 28,000 of the workforce.

Industry in Hebron covers several key sectors:

Metallurgical, construction, plastic, wood, food, chemicals, leather, traditional, textile, paper and cardboard, stone and marble, precious metals, glass and decor industries.

Hebron industries are of high quality, with some cutting-edge products that compete well with imported products. According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, Hebron's products in 2010 accounted for the largest share in the Palestinian exports (27% of total exports or 155,364 million dollars). The key products manufactured in Hebron include nylon bags, wrought iron hardware, shoes, building stone, marble, rough stone, wooden pallets, house wooden and metal furniture, and potato chips.

Product destinations include Israel, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, United States, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the Netherlands, Kuwait, Germany, and others. 

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