Hebron Investment

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Hebron governorate entertains more than 650 archaeological sites, including 400 in the West Bank and 250 seized by Israel. Though Hebron maintains an archaeological significant,  tourism is at disadvantage owing to the arbitrary Israeli measures.  Israel has closed down the most vibrant markets and streets in the old town and thus separated them from other parts of the city. The Prophet Abraham Holy Mosque, the old historic buildings and the Museum of Hebron are not easily accessible.

What adds fuel to the fire is a set of bypass roads that obstruct access of visitors to the attractions of the governorate, such as Mount of Hebron, a prominent resort in Palestine with many tourist facilities. Israel also denies access to areas bordering the Dead Sea in the mainland of Hebron, which is one of the unique sites since it overlooks the lowest point on Earth with beautiful white limestone mountains, which experts believe they had been formed as a consequence of the rift that plagued the people of Prophet Lot, peace be upon him. The mosques, sanctums, hospices, remains, archaeological sites, historical caves, Prophet Abraham Holy Mosque, as well as shrines of prophets and righteous people are the most prominent archaeological must-see attractions in the governorate of Hebron. The strategic location of Hebron and its proximity to Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Jericho (the oldest city in the world) might augur well for the future of tourism in the governorate. 

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