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Legal Environment

The Palestinian legal system is currently in the process of being modernized. For this process to be valid and all-encompassing, it is naturally going to take some time. Once the draft laws have been drawn up, each piece of legislation will call for ratification with the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) and promulgation.

At present the legal environment in the West Bank and Gaza Strip represents a conglomeration of a variety of laws imposed upon the areas by historical rulers. The current series of laws being established will add new layers, modernize and unify the existing laws, and establish new laws where necessary.

Considerable international assistance in the form of technical expertise and financial aid is being provided in order to both speed up the process, and ensure the new laws are just and effective in the long-term. The process of defining a new legal system for a nation in its infancy is even at the best of times, a rightly drawn out process.


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