Hebron Investment


Hebron Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Hebron Chamber of Commerce and Industry (HCCI) is a service, non-profit and membership-based organization that was established in the year 1953 with capabilities that meets the requirements at that time. Since then, the successive board of directors led HCCI to be among the leading private sector representative organizations and chambers of commerce in Palestine.

Since the current Board of Directors assumed office after the election took place on the 5th of July, 2011, the BoD devoted their efforts to further develop the chamber's services to meet the current demand of the general assembly members and the business community of the largest contributor to the Palestinian National Economy. In addition to that, the BoD works to develop the capacity of the chamber to advocate the interests of its members in a systematic approach aiming at improving the business environment. And more importantly, the BoD works intensively to better represent the most important business community and economic sectors in Palestine according to their contribution, size and impact at national, regional, and international levels to reflect the real image of Hebron in particular and Palestine in general.

Realizing the importance of delivering innovative quality services to the business community and the general assembly members of the governorate, and to attract local, regional and international investments to the governorate, HCCI with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through Investment Climate Improvement Project has developed and introduced the "Investment Data Bank" as a one stop shop for potential investors to acquire investment related information to make well informed decisions that are reflected positively on their business performance and the economy of Palestine.

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